Local Suppliers

For everyday use Meeks' Honey can be found at local retail stores from Santa Rosa to Monterey.
Whole Foods, Rainbow Groceries, and Berkeley Bowl are some of the Bay area locations where our honey is sold.

In Santa Cruz County our honey can be found at:
New Leaf Markets, Staff of Life, Shopper's Corner, Aptos Natural, Sunnyside Produce, Ben Lomond Super, The Food Bin, and the Summit Market.

Our honey is packaged in: 1/2 pint jars, pint jars, and squeezable bears.
Meeks' Honey tries to use canning jars for reuse in your home canning or storage needs but can't always. We also take back any of our jars for reuse in Meeks' Honey. Please request that your local store accept the return of our jars so these containters may be efficiently returned to us. In the case of jars, reuse is less consumptive of resources than recycling.